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Juan Pablo Duarte School

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Our Vision

Students are the leaders, advocates, innovators and problem-solvers of our global community.

Mission Statement

To transform the lives of all children through learning experiences that integrate real-world problem-solving in a welcoming school that partners with the community and families to prepare students for a productive future.

Our Community

The P.S.132M Community

Our priority is to know all students well in order to customize instruction to meet their needs. All students receive individualized small group instruction daily in literacy and mathematics. Our curriculum offers both digital and non-digital access to all students, allowing them to engage in whole group teacher-led instruction as well as self-paced learning. Science, social studies, art, physical education, and music are connected to current units of study across grade levels and infuse science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

A Word

From Our Principal

“I’m not just the principal here at PS 132. I was also a student and a teacher as well. This is not just a career –  this is a deep level of personal commitment to transform the lives of students that sit in the same classroom as I once did.”

– Wendy Poveda


ESL Classes

ESL classes for grades K-5 are generally offered through our school. These classes are taught by state-certified teachers who’ve received TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language) training as part of their teacher education programs.

Student Performances

Creative expression, innovation, and leadership are promoted through student-led performances.

Wellness in the Schools

Wellness in the Schools is a national non-profit that teaches kids healthy habits to learn and live better. Through our partnership with Wellness in the Schools, students have the opportunity to learn healthy eating habits and cooking techniques from a chef and coach.

School Calendar

Our Upcoming Curricular Events & Activities




First day of school for students




Yom Kippur, schools closed




Italian Heritage Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day, schools closed




Election Day, fully remote, asynchronous instructional day




Evening parent-teacher conferences for elementary schools and K–8 schools.



Afternoon parent-teacher conferences for elementary schools and K–8 schools; students in these schools dismissed three hours early.

Facilities and Organizations


The Juan Pablo Duarte Cares initiative is our equity centered approach to meet the needs of the whole child. We work closely with families and leverage community partnerships to ensure that students and families feel welcomed, nurtured, and respected so that they can reach their full potential as learners.

Student Kept Garden

Students learn successful gardening techniques and science in action while tending to the garden on the JPD complex.

Art Studio

Our school has an art studio with classes that teaches students to concentrate on the  elements of art , which research has linked to support brain development.

Mindfulness Room

P.S. 132M has a mindfulness room. We use this space to teach our students practices like breathing or meditation to help them manage their emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, and refocus their energy in a positive way.

Medical Suite

We have a full time nurse and medical suite onsite for our students.


Students have access to our gymnasium for physical exercise.

Get In Touch

Location: 185 Wadsworth Ave
New York, NY 10033

Telephone: (212) 927-7857

Email: info@ps132m.org

Hours: M-F: 8:40 AM- 3:00 PM