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Our Amazing Partners!

Our motto is one team, one dream. Working together with families, community partners, and our district, we create customized strategies that help our students and educators thrive. We believe integrating the arts in every classroom disrupts the status quo, engages students, and boosts academic outcomes.

Urban Arts Partnership

Urban Arts Partnership

Our UAP partnership is our community based organization. Their programming supports mental health, expanded learning time, and family and community engagement.

Mental health services – counseling in schools, brain power wellness, and Wellness in the Schools (WITS),

Attendance – Support the attendance team initiatives to educate parents and reduce chronic absenteeism.

Expanded learning time – Through story studio, our students are published authors- 3 poetry books have been published. I am (2018), I am Because We Are (2019), I am Quarantined (Released June 2021). I am the Future (Release 2023)

Instructional Support – Math Matters, consulting and integrating culturally relevant practices and data based instructional planning.




CC/Alianza is our after school provider. They provide after school programming for our students in person and remotely. Beyond their after school programming, they have hosted  2 food pantries providing food for over 150 families. They collaborate on major school-wide initiatives including our JPD Cares initiative (laundry room,  care packages with clothing and school supplies, wellness packages with toiletries and other essentials). Integral part of supporting cultural celebrations in our school. JPD also sponsors our Fall Festival.


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Brain Power Logo

Brain Power Wellness

Brain Power Wellness teaches physical excuses, mental brain breaks, mindfulness practices, and social emotional wellness strategies that support a positive classroom atmosphere.  Through our partnership, teachers engage in weekly wellness sessions to support their own health. Our parents participate in bi-weekly wellness sessions too. Our students receive monthly class visits by a Brain Power Wellness coach focused on supporting teachers in refining their capacity to lead wellness activities. We also provide student leadership workshops for members of the Principal’s Advisory Council (PAC). 


Wellness Logo

Wellness In The Schools

Our partnership with Wellness in the schools supports our wellness initiatives by:
A bilingual chef hosts weekly cooking/nutrition classes for our students. The chef is onsite every week educating students about healthy food choices part of our Wellness Wednesday initiative
On Fitness Friday Coach Jamel is onsite leading recess games for students and providing professional learning for school aides to support increased movement and physical activity for students. The chef teaches students healthy eating habits and the nutritional value of various foods. While the meal cooks, a fitness coach engages students in physical movement and activities
Chef hosts family nights so that families can learn healthy eating habits and cook together. All recipes are shared in English & Spanish.


Dancing-Classrooms logo

Dancing Classrooms

We partner with dancing classrooms to provide a Dancing Classrooms residency where Teaching Artists and teachers create environments and model behaviors that offer young people a place to thrive and engage in the joy, discipline and teamwork of social dance.

Dominican Writers Logo

Dominican Writers

Through our partnership with Dominican Writers, we host a storytime reading program with various children’s book authors.Our goal is to expose students to diverse books by exposing them to authors and offering them programming where they can read and write their own stories.

Community logo

Community-Word Project

Our partnership with community word allows us to provide enrichment classes for our students. Two teaching artists (dance and visual arts) help our students develop language skills while exposing them to diverse cultural experiences.


Counseling-in-Schools Logo

Counseling In Schools

Since March 2021, we have secured a partnership with Counseling In Schools (CIS) provide emotional and social support to children, families and school staff in need.
As of November 16, 2021- we will have a counselor on-site full time 5 days per week. This is an increase from last year’s 2.5 days in response to the increased need for mental health support as students return to school.



Math Matters/Teaching Matters Literacy Jumpstart

Math Matters provides our team with custom professional learning. Based on our observations and data review,  we have decided to focus on teacher curriculum revision and planning and data analysis. We discussed two PD sessions with teachers: the first will focus on instructional planning best practices for centers and the second will focus on using student data to tailor center instruction to student needs.



New York Presbyterian

Through our NY Presbyterian partnership we have an onsite clinic to provide mental health services to our students.



Salvadori Center

Salvadori Center will help our team ensure that every student has access to one project based learning opportunity. They provide all curricula, instruction, materials, and supplies students will need to succeed. They support collaborative, hands-on, project-based approaches that use the built environment ~ buildings, bridges, parks, and communities ~ to show students how STEAM is relevant to their lives.



Yeshiva University

Yeshiva University student volunteers provide science instruction to our 4th grade students, focusing on engaging hands-on experiences using common household items to immerse students in scientific inquiry.


Get in Touch!

Location: 185 Wadsworth Ave
New York, NY 10033

Telephone: (212) 927-7857

Email: info@ps132m.org

Hours: M-F: 8:20 AM- 2:40 PM

Get in Touch!

Location: 185 Wadsworth Ave
New York, NY 10033

Telephone: (212) 927-7857

Email: info@ps132m.org

Hours: M-F: 8:20 AM- 2:40 PM